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'Nature of the Northwest'. Right panel, Civic Justice Center, Lynnwood WA

Mara Smith - Introduction

A professional sculptor, Mara is a much-renowned artist, carving brick murals and free-standing, three-dimensional sculptures for over thirty years. She has carved over 30,000 square feet of brick for projects since her first commission of nine exterior murals for the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX.

Brick sculpture is an ancient art, which has been enjoying a renaissance in the last 30 years, in which Mara has been a pivotal figure. She was described as "The pioneer of modern brick sculpture" by the Brick Institute of America. Her work can be found in over 20 States, and also abroad.

Horse farm long
A wider view of the horse sculpture shown above.

Brick sculpture has many benefits. Bas-relief is an integral part of brick ornamentation. It is easily integrated into masonry, it can be made any size, it is fireproof, long-lasting, low-maintenance, beautiful (and much cheaper than bronze).

These webpages give more details and many pictures of Mara's stunning work, brick murals and carvings. Her studio is located at the Mutual Material's Newcastle Brick Mfg. Plant on Seattle's east side.

Wet panel
Work in progress: carving a decorative panel in "wet" unfired brick.